About us

Kalem Tekstil, a textile company that has been continuing for 4 generations since the Ottoman Empire, is one of the first brands that come to mind when talking about chiffon and satin. This deep-rooted company, which started with the trade of Aleppo and Candlestick fabric in the Ottoman period, by H. Emin and his brothers, was continued by Mr. Feysel Ablak, son of Mehmet Ablak, and continues today by Hüseyin Ablak 4th generation. It was founded in 1961, went to a new structure in 1989, developed itself until today, kept up with innovations and grew. Knowing how to adapt the dynamics of the textile industry to its structure, Kalem Tekstil has the ability to innovate and produce innovative products in line with the demands of our customers, as well as all kinds of woven, knitted, plain and printed fabrics that customers may need. It has continuously developed its rich product portfolio ranging from Jacquard Satin and Chiffon fabrics to fancy evening dresses and laundry fabrics, and to all kinds of woven fabrics, has been able to bring this quality and variety to Europe, Africa and the Far East, and in this sense, it is a local power. has established itself as an international player. Kalem Tekstil will continue to express itself in the best way with its products in order to transform its business into art, to reflect science and technology to its business, and to keep customer perception always accurate and alive.

As Kalem Tekstil, to contribute to the development of our country in the textile industry by increasing our product range, continuously increasing the total quality and customer satisfaction, and presenting our customers their needs, expectations and even what they dream of.


• weaving in Turkey and in the world, being in chiffon and satin fabric quality and modern sides of industry in the area.
• To be innovative and original. To make our customers' dreams come true.
• By working with a focus on customer satisfaction, to satisfy our customers in the period from the order to the delivery of the product and not to break the bond we have established with our customers.

Kalem Tekstil is the place of minds and hearts that believe in the power of production. The adventure that started in 1961 became more institutional in 1989 and has a great production potential today. It is gaining momentum day by day. The variety of colors that Kalem Tekstil offers to its customers is a natural reflection of its production power. In Turkey and in the world in this respect 'diversity' comes to mind is among the first companies of the Textile Pen is of this reason. For use in women's underwear and outerwear, evening dresses, fancy evening dresses and fabrics, jacquard, lycra, crepe, underwear, new and helen satin types; multi, single, silk, yoryo and new Satin varieties; With its various products such as sandy, Medina silk and Crepe Medine, Kalem Tekstil manufactures and offers all knitted and woven, plain and printed fabrics that customers may need, in the highest quality. In addition to these, special colors, which are put into production in line with the wishes of our customers, are produced in the best laboratories by applying them to the fabrics, and can also be delivered on time.

Kalem Tekstil has a 100% total quality understanding of customer needs and expectations at all stages from production to sales. Ensuring the continuity cycle of quality, product, customer satisfaction depends on this. Clothing starts with fabric, quality is the most important factor for this. It is necessary to establish the company / brand-production / marketing setup with the right strategy without sacrificing quality. The quality, dynamic production and supply understanding of Kalem Tekstil has constituted the brand phenomenon. Thanks to the quality-oriented management approach of Kalem Tekstil, all stages from production and supply to delivery are controlled by qualified, expert and knowledgeable employees. This is the most important concept that creates the company / brand phenomenon. Here, the vicious circle of the classic has disappeared, and a dynamic structure that is open to innovation has been created.

There are many things to tell in Kalem Tekstil's 51-year road story, but the most important of these is the relationship with its customers, which is the output of a manufacturing company. In this relationship type, "satisfaction" and "loyalty" construct / cycle is the primary element. We can describe this power of Kalem Tekstil as follows and turn it into a formula. Accumulation power + theoretical power + production power + technology power + organizational strength = Customer Satisfaction. The satisfied customers of Kalem Tekstil know that they can always receive the highest quality products and services. While doing this, employee and customer satisfaction are provided simultaneously. Analyzing and meeting the needs, wishes and expectations of the industry, all stakeholders and customers can be responded before they can go a step further. This awareness is another force that brought Kalem Tekstil to today.