Fabric Dyeing Service

We perform dyeing-finishing processes of all knitted or woven fabrics (with Lycra - without Lycra) made of viscose, cotton, polyester, polyamide, modal, wool, linen, floss, acrylic, Lyocell fibers and their mixtures at the quality requested by our customers.

While doing this, our biggest weapons are;
- With the Reverse-Osmos system, always dyeing with the same quality and standard pH water

- Accurate, complete chemical weighing and dosing system with Eliar Chemical Automation
- Color - Service Paint Weighing and Dissolving system, repeatable for each batch, 100% accurate paint weighing, dissolving and distribution system
- All our Ht machines from 25 to 1000 have the same J-box, pump and nozzle structure.

Thanks to these technologies, we have minimized the error rate and human-induced delays and made our customers forget the term deadline concept. We managed to produce 6 day in sample machines and 5 day in other machines.